Overview and Population


Namutumba District was created by Act of the Ugandan Parliament in 2005 and became operational on 1 July 2006. Prior to that the District was part of Iganga District and was known as Busiki County. Namutumba District is part of Busoga sub-region. The districts that constitute the sub-region include the following: 1. Bugiri District 2. Buyende District 3. Iganga District 4. Jinja District 5. Kaliro District 6. Kamuli District 7. Luuka District 8. Mayuge District 9. Namayingo District and 10. Namutumba District.The 2014 Population Census Final Results put Namutumba’s population at 18,736 

According to the 2002 national census, the Busoga sub-region was home to an estimated 2.5 million people at that time. Namutumba District is divided into the following sub-counties and one town council:

  • Bulange
  • Ivukula
  • Kibaale
  • Magada
  • Namutumba
  • Nsinze
  • Nabweyo
  • Mazuba
  • Namutumba Town Council
  • Nangonde

 Economic Activities

Subsistence agriculture and animal husbandry are the two main economic activities in the district.